If the “invisible hand” guides markets so flawlessly, why do we have so many financial, social and environmental problems? As Alan Greenspan said, “There were flaws in my theory.”

Flaws mean something is missing in the theory of a capitalist economy, thus the theory is incomplete.

Hence The Incomplete Capitalist.

So the question is, do we just chuck the whole thing and find something else or do we try to plug the gaps? I’ve mused on some of these missing elements and some of my long-suffering friends have said I had some interesting points (thanks Mark, Lisa, Andy!) So now I will subject the world at large to them.

I’m not an economist, so I won’t pretend these are my original thoughts. But I hope I can translate some of what I read into terms and a format that more people will begin to think that we don’t have to leave the workings of the economy to the “experts”, government, or Wall Street.

After all, economics affects all of us, so we should shape it in a way that makes our lives better, not just some abstract concept like GDP.


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